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We are proud to serve old-fashioned southern-style barbecue, cooked low and slow for many hours. Our smoking technique produces the most juicy, tender, and flavorful meat you'll ever eat. We use only real wood, including hickory, cherry, and apple woods to give our meats a unique and distinct flavor. We hand rub each piece with our own blend of spices for the perfect balance of flavour between the smoke, spice, and meat. It takes a little longer to cook the way we do, but it is a labour of love that we hope you enjoy eating as much as we love creating.


We serve our barbecue with our award-winning sauces on the side, but would be glad to glaze the meat with your favourite sauce. Just ask. The rest of our menu reflects the best of home-style southern cooking. Some fan-favorite sides include: our slaws, mac 'n cheese, smoked southern beans, and an authentic cornbread, all made from scratch daily. We use only the freshest meats and ingredients to ensure your meal is of the highest quality. We look forward to serving you, and remember, "If it's not Dirty, it's not BBQ!"

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