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Rubbed with our special pork rub blend and slow-smoked for 24 hours over apple wood, you'll never eat it out of a crock pot again! Our pulled pork has a beautiful pink smoke ring and a mouthwatering bark on the outside. It is traditionally served with the sauce on the side, to allow you to appreciate the incredible smoky, savory, sweet flavor of the meat itself.

Available in Classic or Maple, cured in our homemade brine and smoked over Apple Wood. Our mouthwatering bacon is all-natural and has no preservatives. Incredible on its own or added to another dish, our bacon will elevate your meal to another level.

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Rubbed with our secret blend of seasonings and smoked over Apple wood for six hours, then smothered in our award-winning Dirty Pig Heat or Sweet BBQ Sauce. These ribs help put the dirty in our name and are a guaranteed downright delicious good time.

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Our Specialties

At Dirty Pig BBQ, your imagination is the limit! If you can dream it, we'll create it for you. For some inspiration, here are a few of our traditional favourites.

Pulled Pork


Back Ribs

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Chicken Lolipops

Our most popular item, and a fan-favorite for all ages! Our chicken lollipops are a creatively prepared chicken drumstick that is rubbed with our poultry blend and slow smoked for four hours. It is then covered in our Sauce and allowed to caramelize ever so slightly. You will not find a more tender piece of chicken anywhere! 

Savory Sausages

Homemade from scratch. We use strictly the best natural ingredients in our sausage, and with no fillers or preservatives they are a fantastic guilt-free pleasure. Try our special Hot or Mild Italian flavour or dream up your own, either way you'll never want to buy the pre-packaged kind again.

This barbecue smoked prime rib will be the best you'll ever taste, period. Our smoking technique will leave the roast medium or medium rare throughout, not just in the middle. Paired with our homemade au jus, this prime rib is a culinary experience you will never forget. The roast is phenomenal the next day on sandwiches as well, assuming there are actually leftovers!

Prime Rib

For your special occasion, our smoked turkey is the unbelievably juicy and flavorful bird you've always dreamed of. Don't get stuck with another dry and bland turkey this year, ours is rubbed in a specialty poultry rub and slow smoked over Apple wood. It'll have you making up holidays as an excuse to order it!


No meal is ever complete without dessert! Our pit master, Robb Mann, is a trained chef who also specializes in baking and pastries. Whether it is creative cookies, a decadent cake, made-from-scratch donuts, or any other sweet treat you can dream up, we promise to finish your meal with a fantastic dessert.


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